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Ubud Bali Artists:
Welcome to Ubud - Bali - Indonesia

Modern Traditional Bali Artist, Painter, Wood Carver,
Stone Carver, Dancer, Musician, Singer, and Designer Community.

Bali the island of artists...

'Isn't Bali spoiled?' is invariably the question that greets the returned traveler from Bali, meaning is the island overrun by tourists, and are the Balinese all wearing shirts?

I express gratitude for every single thing you have done.
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The questioners are visibly disappointed to hear of the big hotels, fine roads, and motorcars; there is still enough of the Robinson Crusoe in travelers to make each one of them want to be the only white man among picturesque semi-naked savages...

-Miguel Covarrubias, Island of Bali

Bali Art and Culture Centre
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Bali Artist:
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Artist are fortunate because they can livetwice: first during their own lifetimes, and then into the future via their works.


Ubud Artist

Community of Balinese, other Indonesian, and foreign artists inspired by the natural beauty, life, and Bali culture.
bali artist home
artist community
art culture news
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Ubud Artist Community
Pondok Frog
Jl.Monkey Forest, Padang Tegal, Ubud,
Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia. 80571
Phone: 62-361-975565
Mobile: 62-081338494448

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